Nobel Plus NB-1214 Subwoofer 5.1 Super Bass Bluetooth Tallboy Speaker System 25000W Pmpo

KSh 14,499

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Nobel Plus Subwoofer

Amazing Sound
Super Bass surround
Hightech Multimedia
Aux/FM ready
25,000W PMPO
USB Support

Nobel Plus Subwoofer

KSh 14,499

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  • 5.1Ch multimedia speaker
  • BT Function
  • USB/Flashdisk/Card player
  • FM Radio
  • Aux input
  • Remote control
  • Colorful LED Light

Nobel Plus Subwoofer price in Kenya


Nobel Plus Subwoofer is a specialized speaker designed to reproduce low-frequency audio frequencies, known as bass, with remarkable depth and power. Typically enclosed in a robust cabinet, this audio powerhouse houses a large-diameter driver specifically engineered for bass reproduction. Its primary function is to enhance the audio experience by delivering thunderous, resonating lows that can be felt as much as heard, adding depth and realism to music, movies, and gaming. Subwoofers are crucial in creating an immersive audio environment, where they excel at reproducing the rumble of explosions, the thump of bass beats, and the subtle nuances of acoustic instruments, ensuring an unforgettable auditory journey.


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