JBL Horizon 2 Bluetooth Clock Radio Speaker with FM Radio and DAB

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JBL Horizon 2 Bluetooth Clock Radio Speaker

Powerful JBL Pro Sound
Stream all your music via Bluetooth
Ambient lighting
Two USB ports to charge your devices
Easy-to-use rotary control knob
Included components: Quick Start Guide
Output wattage: 4.0 watts
Power source type: Battery-Powered
Wireless communication technology: AM/FM

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JBL Horizon 2 Bluetooth Clock Radio Speaker

| JBL Horizon 2 Bluetooth Clock Radio Speaker |

Specifications Description
Dimensions Compact and sleek design making it suitable for bedside tables or small spaces.
Weight Lightweight construction, allowing for easy portability and placement.
Connectivity Equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 for seamless wireless audio streaming from compatible devices, ensuring convenience and versatility.
Alarm Features Dual alarm functionality with customizable settings, including multiple alarm tones and volume levels, allowing users to wake up according to their preferences.
Display Large LED display with adjustable brightness levels, providing clear visibility of time, date, and alarm status, even in low-light environments.
Audio Performance Powerful stereo sound output with JBL signature sound technology, delivering rich and immersive audio experience for music playback or radio listening.
Radio Tuner Built-in FM radio tuner with preset stations for quick access to favorite channels, enhancing entertainment options.
Charging USB charging port for conveniently charging smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices overnight, ensuring devices are ready to use in the morning.
Battery Backup Integrated battery backup system ensures alarm settings are retained in case of power outages, providing reliable performance.
Additional Features Ambient light feature with customizable colors and patterns, creating a soothing atmosphere in the room. Also includes a snooze button for extra sleep time and a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
Compatibility Compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, offering seamless integration into various lifestyles and environments.

The JBL Horizon 2 Bluetooth Clock Radio Speaker combines versatile functionality, elegant design, and impressive audio performance, making it an ideal addition to any bedroom or living space. With its array of features, including Bluetooth connectivity, dual alarms, FM radio tuner, USB charging port, and ambient light, it caters to diverse user preferences and enhances the overall listening and waking experience.


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