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Can I pay on delivery?


We at Overtech understand that you want to protect yourself against the many fraudsters in the online business environment.


For our customers within Nairobi, you can pay upon delivery using Mpesa (we don’t accept cash).


If outside Nairobi, we will deliver your product via G4S courier services which take 24hrs and you pay for it at G4S offices after you have collected the item.


Occasionally, If you’re a first-time customer, we might ask you to pay the delivery fee first, this is just a precaution we take to ensure the client is committed and will no doubt collect the item once it’s been shipped. We do this to reduce the number of returns.


Below is our official Mpesa Paybill Number.

Overtech Online Shopping Kenya


NB: We only offer cash on delivery for small to medium packages such as phones, small-screen TVs, and cameras. For bulky items, such as fridges, cookers, or furniture you will be required to pay first and they will be delivered via Wells Fargo or G4S (for outside Nairobi) and Our riders for those within Nairobi.


Home appliances such as Ramtons, Mika, and Hotpoint require payment first as these products are sourced directly from the manufacturer.


We promise to handle every order with care and build strong relationships with our customers.


Thank you for shopping on Overtech.