Vision Plus VP2110SB Soundbar Bluetooth Sound Bar 110W RMS VP2110SB

KSh 10,199

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Power: 110W RMS5.5-inch sub4 Speakers (in one bar)
Source input: USB/SD/BT/FM/Line In/TV in
Device supports: USB/SD/MMCBluetooth Optical out/in
Digital FM Radio: YesFM Radio channel store capacity: 20 Channels
FM Frequency range: 87.5MHz – 108MHz

KSh 10,199

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Vision Plus VP2110SB Soundbar in Kenya


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A 2.1 soundbar typically refers to an audio system that consists of two speakers (left and right channels) and a separate subwoofer. The “2.1” designation indicates the number of main speakers (2) and the presence of a subwoofer (1). Here’s a breakdown of what each component does:

  1. Two speakers (2.0): These are the main channels responsible for producing mid-range and high-frequency sounds. They are often built into the soundbar itself and provide stereo audio.
  2. Subwoofer (1): The subwoofer is a separate component designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, such as deep bass. It adds depth and impact to the audio experience, especially during movie scenes with explosions or music with heavy bass.

A 2.1 soundbar system is a popular choice for those who want an improved audio experience without the complexity of a full surround sound system. It offers a good balance between simplicity, space efficiency, and enhanced audio quality. When shopping for a 2.1 soundbar, you may want to consider factors such as power output, connectivity options, and additional features like built-in Bluetooth or sound modes tailored for different types of content.


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