Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer Multimedia Powerful sound

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Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer

Amtec AM-006 sub woofer
Remote Control
3D Real sound
Power output 150W
Input selected
Bluetooth speaker
USB,FM Radio

Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer

KSh 8,499

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Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer

Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer Overview

Feature Description
Model Amtec AM-006
Power Output 15000W
Subwoofer Type X-Bass
Frequency Response 20Hz – 200Hz
Driver Size 15 inches
Enclosure Type Ported
Amplifier Type Class D
Crossover Frequency Adjustable (40Hz – 200Hz)
Input Connectors RCA, XLR, SpeakON
Output Connectors SpeakON
Phase Control 0 to 180 degrees
Auto Power On/Off Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 20″ x 22″ x 24″ (approx.)
Weight 75 lbs (approx.)
Construction Heavy-duty MDF construction with reinforced corners
Finish Scratch-resistant black vinyl
Cooling System Built-in high-flow cooling fans
Subwoofer Protection Thermal and short circuit protection
Power Supply 110-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Included Accessories Power cable, user manual, adjustable spikes, rubber feet

Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer

The Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer delivers thunderous bass and immersive audio experiences, making it an ideal choice for home theaters and professional sound setups. With a powerful 15000W output driven by a Class D amplifier, this subwoofer ensures deep, impactful low frequencies.

The X-Bass technology enhances the sub-bass response, providing rich and detailed audio reproduction down to 20Hz. The 15-inch driver, housed in a ported enclosure, delivers precision and clarity while the adjustable crossover frequency allows fine-tuning to match different audio systems.

Featuring a robust construction with reinforced corners, the subwoofer is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. The inclusion of thermal and short circuit protection ensures the longevity of the unit, while the built-in cooling fans maintain optimal operating temperatures.

Versatile connectivity options, including RCA, XLR, and SpeakON inputs, make it compatible with a wide range of audio equipment. The user-friendly design includes an auto power on/off feature and phase control for seamless integration into any audio setup.

In summary, the Amtec AM-006 15000W X-Bass Subwoofer combines power, precision, and durability to deliver an exceptional low-frequency performance for audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and professionals alike.


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