JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre Sub Woofer -12,000W – Powerful Party Subwoofer speaker

KSh 8,399

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JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre

Amazing Sound

Super Bass
FM Radio
Output Power: 90W + 15*2

JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre

KSh 8,399

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JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre

JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH Home Theatre System

Feature Description
Audio Channels 2.1 Channel (2 speakers, 1 subwoofer)
Power Output 12,000W
Speaker Type Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, AUX, HDMI, Optical
Compatibility TV, DVD/Blu-ray players, gaming consoles
Sound Technology Dolby Digital, DTS-HD
Remote Control Included for convenient operation
Wireless Streaming Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
Subwoofer 6.5-inch downward-firing for deep bass
Surround Sound Virtual surround sound for immersive experience
EQ Settings Adjustable equalizer for personalized audio
LED Display Clear and intuitive display on the control unit
Compact Design Sleek and space-saving design
Build Quality Premium materials for durability
Installation Easy setup with user-friendly instructions
Warranty 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre

JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH HomeTheatre System delivers an immersive audio experience, combining sleek design with powerful performance. With 2 satellite speakers and a dedicated subwoofer, this system produces a total power output of 150W, ensuring clear and dynamic sound reproduction.

Connectivity options abound, including Bluetooth for wireless streaming, USB and AUX inputs for versatile device compatibility, HDMI for high-quality audio and video transmission, and optical input for enhanced connectivity options.

The inclusion of Dolby Digital and DTS-HD sound technologies guarantees a cinematic audio experience, while the virtual surround sound creates an enveloping ambiance. The 6.5-inch downward-firing subwoofer produces deep and resonant bass, adding depth to your music, movies, and games.

The JTC J-801 Pro is designed for user convenience, with an adjustable equalizer for personalized sound settings and an intuitive LED display on the control unit. The compact design ensures easy integration into any home entertainment setup, and the system comes with a remote control for effortless operation.

Constructed with premium materials, the JTC J-801 Pro 2.1CH Home Theatre System not only delivers exceptional audio quality but also boasts durability. Enjoy a captivating audio-visual experience with this feature-packed home theatre system, backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.


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