Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser Bottom Load Hot, Normal & Cold

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KSh 30,999

Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser

  • Hot, Normal & Cold.
  • Bottom Loading Design.
  • Double safety device for preventing overheat.
  • Child safety lock for hot water faucet.
  • High-efficiency compressor cooling.
  • High-power stainless steel hot water tank.
  • Space saving and minimalism design.
  • Hot water temperature: > 85°C
  • Cold water temperature:< 10°C
  • Heating capacity : 4L/h
  • Cooling capacity : 2L/h
Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser

KSh 30,999

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Ramtons is a Kenyan brand leading in the manufacture of home appliances and electronics. Their products are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. Ramtons strives to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability, and firm support. All Ramtons products come with a 1-year warranty.

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  • Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser specs

Feature Description
Temperature Options Hot, Normal & Cold, providing a range of temperature choices for versatile water dispensing.
Loading Design Bottom Loading, offering convenience and ease when replacing water bottles.
Safety Features Double safety device prevents overheating, and a child safety lock ensures safety for hot water faucet.
Cooling System High efficiency compressor cooling for quick and efficient cooling of cold water.
Hot Water Tank High power stainless steel hot water tank for durability and efficient heating.
Design Space-saving and minimalism design for a sleek and practical appearance.
Temperature Specifications Hot water temperature: > 85°C, Cold water temperature: < 10°C.
Capacity Heating capacity: 4L/h, Cooling capacity: 2L/h.

1 review for Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser Bottom Load Hot, Normal & Cold

    Ramtons RM/679 Water Dispenser Bottom Load Hot, Normal & Cold photo review
    March 4, 2024
    The Ramton 679 is an excellent appliance. The bottom load design makes loading and unloading the water bottle very easy. Plus it saves a bunch a space. I was able to fit it in my pantry. The cold and hot water features work very well. Compared to other bottom load models at a similar price point, the 679 matte black finish makes a rectangular plastic box look like a piece of art. While the price point is high for a water dispenser, you’ll be sure to find this Ramton appliance more than satisfactory for both its functionality and aesthetics.

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