Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser Hot & Cold

KSh 27,299

Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser

Hot & cold.
Hidden Bottle Model.
Safety feature anti-scald preventive mode.
Instant heating.
Superior compressor for instant cooling.
220-240 V.
550 Watts.
Climate class T

Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser

KSh 27,299

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Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser in Kenya

Ramtons is a Kenyan brand leading in the manufacture of home appliances and electronics. Their products are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. Ramtons strives to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability, and firm support. All Ramtons products come with a 1-year warranty.

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Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser specs in Kenya


Feature Description
Temperature Options Hot & Cold, providing options for perfectly chilled or hot water, suitable for home or office use.
Bottle Design Hidden Bottle Model, offering a discreet and streamlined appearance.
Safety Feature Anti-scald preventive mode ensures additional safety during hot water dispensing.
Heating System Instant heating for immediate access to hot water.
Cooling System Superior compressor for instant cooling, ensuring quick and efficient cooling of cold water.
Power Operates on 220-240 V, with a power consumption of 550 Watts.
Climate Class T, designed to function effectively in various environmental conditions.
Three-Tap System Three taps on the same dispenser provide access to cold, hot, and room-temperature water.
Durable Construction Built to last, the dispenser has a sturdy stainless steel tank for enhanced durability.
Advanced Features Overheat protection and automatic temperature control enhance convenience and safety.


Ramtons RM/674 bottom load water dispenser


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