Ramtons RM/556 water dispenser hot and normal free standing

KSh 11,399

Ramtons RM/556 Water Dispenser Price in Kenya

Hot & normal
Heating power: 500 Watts
Climate class: T
Electricity leakage protection:

Ramtons RM/556 water dispenser

KSh 11,399

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Ramtons RM/556 water dispenser in Kenya

Ramtons RM/556 Water Dispenser is available at the best price in Kenya only on Overtech. Two taps on the same dispenser allow access to hot and room temperature water. The high-efficiency compressor of this freestanding water dispenser provides efficient results at all times while the cooling and heating power makes it an ideal option for all your needs.

Ramtons is a Kenyan brand leading in the manufacture of home appliances and electronics. Their products are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. Ramtons strives to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability, and firm support. All Ramtons products come with a 1-year warranty.

We at Overtech offer you the best prices on Ramtons products and the fastest shipping in Kenya. Order RAMTONS RM/556 water dispenser from us today we’ll deliver it anywhere across the country.

Ramtons RM/556 water dispenser Specs


Feature Description
Temperature Options Enjoy room temperature or hot water with the Ramtons free-standing water dispenser, suitable for home or office.
Two-Tap System Two taps on the same dispenser provide access to hot and room temperature water, offering versatile hydration options.
Heating Power The dispenser has a heating power of 500 Watts, ensuring efficient and quick heating for hot water.
Climate Class With a climate class of T, the dispenser is designed to function effectively in various environmental conditions.
Electricity Leakage Protection The dispenser is equipped with electricity leakage protection (Class I), providing safety and worry-free water access.
Color The dispenser comes in a stylish black color, adding an aesthetic touch to your home or office space.

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Ramtons RM/556 Water Dispenser Specs, Features, and Price in Kenya.

  • Hot & normal
  • Heating power: 500 Watts
  • Climate class: T
  • Electricity leakage protection: I


Experience a whole new level of comfort with Ramtons Home and Living Products. Designed to make life easier, Ramtons wide range of household appliances are durable and affordable. Ramtons blends functionality and purpose with unmistakable beauty, making your house a home.

Ramtons is your leading choice if you’re looking to buy any home appliance product in Kenya, as they have amassed a stellar reputation in the home appliance sector. Their goal is to offer Kenyan homes superior comfort and convenience, that caters to everyone’s particular lifestyle and taste.

Every water dispenser for sale in our range is competitively priced and made to maintain peak performance.

At Overtech, we sell all Ramtons products at the cheapest and most affordable prices in Kenya. When you order with Overtech, we deliver original Ramtons products that will provide value for your money.


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