Ramtons RM/313 Water Purifier

KSh 8,499

Ramtons RM/313 Water Purifier Best Price in Kenya

Germ magnet
20 liter storage so you don’t need to refill multiple times a day
Natural shut off
No virus, no bacteria, no cysts
Life of cartridge: 1500 Litres
Kills 99% of Bacteria & viruses
No electricity required
Purifies 1500L of water under standard conditions with one cartridge
Cartridge refills available for purchase
Purified water within seconds
Natural shut-off ensures Clean water on no water
Chemical-free technology ensures no chemical contamination

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Ramtons RM/313 Water Purifier is available at the best price in Kenya only on Overtech. Designed to ensure that your family gets Pure and Safe drinking water using a 100% chemical-free technology, the tested and Certified, Positive Charge Technology passes water through an intricate mesh of positively charged nano fibres that remove all kinds of bacteria, and viruses, cysts and other microbial contaminants.

Ramtons is a Kenyan brand leading in the manufacture of home appliances and electronics. Their products are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. Ramtons strives to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability, and firm support. All Ramtons products come with a 1-year warranty.

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Ramtons RM/313 Water Purifier

Ramtons RM/313 Water Purifier Specs, Features, and Price in Kenya.


  • 20 litres capacity
    435x565x405 mm
    Catridge replacement after 1500 litres
    3 stage purification


Experience a whole new level of comfort with Ramtons Home and Living Products. Designed to make life easier, Ramtons wide range of household appliances are durable and affordable. Ramtons blends functionality and purpose with unmistakable beauty, making your house a home.

Ramtons is your leading choice if you’re looking to buy any home appliance product in Kenya, as they have amassed a stellar reputation in the home appliance sector. Their goal is to offer Kenyan homes superior comfort and convenience, that caters to everyone’s particular lifestyle and taste.

Every water purifier for sale in our range is competitively priced and made to maintain peak performance.

At Overtech, we sell all Ramtons products at the cheapest and most affordable prices in Kenya. When you order with Overtech, we deliver original Ramtons products that will provide value for your money.


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