Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC – Glass door With Lock and Key cooler

KSh 58,899

Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC

  • Capacity: 222L
  • Beverage cooler display: Yes
  • Refrigerant: R600 Gas
  • Type: Showcase Beverage chiller
  • Mechanical control: Yes
  • Auto Defrost system
  • Integrated Arc Door
  • Inner Light for bright showing effect
  • Low voltage
  • Double-layer Glass Door
  • Water disposal pan
Hisense 282L Showcase Chiller Fridge FL-3FC

KSh 58,899

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Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC

Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC

The Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC is a sleek and efficient appliance designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households. With its contemporary design and advanced features, this fridge not only enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen but also provides optimal storage and cooling capabilities.

Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

Feature Description
Capacity Spacious 222L capacity for storing a variety of items.
Showcase Door Innovative showcase door allows easy access to frequently used items without opening the entire fridge, minimizing energy consumption.
LED Lighting Bright and energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates the interior, making it easy to locate items and enhancing visibility.
Adjustable Shelves Customizable shelves offer flexibility to accommodate items of different sizes, providing efficient use of space.
Temperature Control Precise temperature control ensures optimal cooling for various types of food and beverages.
Energy Efficiency High energy efficiency rating, reducing electricity consumption and environmental impact.

The Hisense 222L Showcase Fridge FL30FC combines style with functionality, making it an ideal choice for households seeking a reliable and modern refrigeration solution. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply looking for a practical appliance to meet your family’s needs, this fridge offers convenience and efficiency in one sleek package.


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