Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer Washing machine – WDQY1014EVJMT Front Load

KSh 71,699

Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer

  • Intelligent LED Display
  • Washer & Dryer 2 In 1
  • Pure Jet
  • Pause & Add
  • Durable Inverter
  • Allergy / Baby Steam Care
  • 1400rpm spin speed
  • Snowflake drum
  • Memory back
Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer

KSh 71,699

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Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer

Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer WDQY1014EVJMT

Feature Description
Capacity Washer: 10kg, Dryer: 6kg
Dual Functionality Combines washing and drying capabilities
Energy Efficiency Energy-efficient design with high-performance motors
Programs Multiple wash and dry programs for versatile use
Quick Wash Speedy wash cycles for time-saving convenience
Sensor Technology Smart sensors for optimal water and energy usage
Noise Level Low noise emission during operation
Drum Material Stainless steel drum for durability and hygiene
Touch Controls Easy-to-use touch control panel for intuitive operation
Delay Start Programmable delay start for flexible washing schedule
Child Lock Safety feature to prevent accidental operation
Spin Speed Adjustable spin speed for varied fabric requirements
Allergy Care Special cycles for allergy-sensitive clothing
Max temperature Option
95 degrees
Built-in/freestanding Freestanding
Color Options Available in sleek and modern color options
Warranty 2 years Manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind

Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer

The Hisense 10kg and 6kg Washer and Dryer WDQY1014EVJMT offers a harmonious blend of advanced features, energy efficiency, and user-friendly design. With a spacious 10kg washing capacity and a 6kg drying capacity, this appliance is perfect for households with diverse laundry needs.

Equipped with dual functionality, it seamlessly transitions from washing to drying, streamlining the laundry process. The energy-efficient design, coupled with smart sensors, ensures optimal water and energy usage, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.

The washer and dryer combo boasts a variety of wash and dry programs, including quick wash cycles for time-sensitive situations. The stainless steel drum ensures durability and hygiene, while adjustable spin speeds cater to different fabric requirements.

The user-friendly touch control panel allows for easy operation, and the programmable delay start feature offers flexibility in managing laundry schedules. Safety features like child lock prevent unintended use, making it suitable for families.

With its modern design, multiple color options, and a manufacturer’s warranty, the Hisense WDQY1014EVJMT is a reliable and efficient solution for laundry needs in any contemporary home.


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